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Hey there big saver, you’re looking good today!   And these codes below are going to make you feel pretty awesome too.    We’ve got the top Carbonite offer codes for October 2017. These coupons are hand-verified by none other than myself, so you know you’re going to get a pretty sweet deal. Now lets get saving!

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So you’ve made the very wise decision to invest in protecting your electronic stuff – you get insurance for your home, so it only makes sense to insure and protect your virtual “goods” as well, does it not?    Carbonite is a pretty amazing program that will back up all your electronic goodies for one super low cost per year.  And we’re going to hook you up with a pretty fat deal to get it for even less.   Yeah, we’re going to be best friends after this, let me tell you.  Yeah, just imagine that mp3 copy of your wedding video – how much would your wife freak out if you lost that because your 2 year old spilled their choco milk all over your keyboard?   Yeah, not pretty.   Carbonite’s backup system makes getting back that video as easy as 123, and now who’s the hero?

You can opt for the month to month plan, or pay annually (which is a lot better deal folks), but whatever you decide, you’ll be in good hands.

So, while I know this is super easy, I’ll walk you through the steps just in case there are any coupon newbies out there who have no idea how this all works.   Cause no, these are not coupons you print and take in to some store like those crazy extreme couponers (in case you were wondering).   🙂

1.  When you are starting the checkout process at none other than the infamous, you need to be on the lookout for the “Offer Codes” field.   Unless they’ve done a site change, it usually looks something like this:

2.   Now you just paste in (yes, thats control+V or right click + paste) one of the hot offer codes from above

3.  Cheer and hoop and holler over the new, reduced payment amount.   Don’t forget to actually put in your payment, and hit “submit” so the order gets placed.

4.  Now, if you’d please be ever so kind and vote the coupons above up or down, that helps do my job.   I test these regularly, but if I get a lot of “not working” votes, I’ll know its time to get off my butt and go find a better working code!

5.  Once you get this bad boy set up on your system, you can go have a pina colada and rest easy.  You’ll never have to manually run a backup again, nor fret over your 10 year old who uses your laptop as a hockey puck.

Heres some of the official lingo from Carbonite, in case you’re wondering:




Now in parting, I’ll leave you with this dumb song about backing up your data. Some people just have too much time on their hands.