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Hey yo mac users, check it out. So macs are awesome, but there are some things unfortunately that required windows. Much as we hate it, its a fact, and the folks at Parallels make this super easy. And the folks here at TOC are going to be your new best friends… we are here to offer up the latest and greatest Parallels offer codes and promotions for October 2017. We have trained a monkey to hand checks these every day, so you know you’re always getting the best deal available. Ok not really, we do that, but sometimes we feel like monkeys, so help us out and comment if they work for you or not!

25% Off - limited time!

Limited time offer - 25% off Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac - Run windows on your Mac - Faster
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$30 Off Parallels Desktop

Save $30 on Parallels Desktop. VMware Fusion users can switch to Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac for only $49.99 that's $30 in savings.
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expires 10/22/2017

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Parallels is really awesome, you know that. Do we need to sell you on it? I think not. It allows you to run a windows machine on a mac. So you can sit in a coffee shop, showing off that hot little apple on the back of your screen, and everyone will think you are this super cool hipster type. When really, you’re playing solitaire on a windows clean install. But who needs to know that?

We jest, but really, you know you need this, and we’re here to bring it to you for less. Or rather, we don’t bring it to you, but we are like mad coupon dealers serving up some fresh hot deals, so you can save your dough for your next macbook pro.



And since you know I love cheesy youtube videos…  feast your eyes on this hilarity…